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Do you want to be a full-time youTuber?

are you ready to grow your brand, authority, & income with YouTube?

YouTube Rockstars is a packed-full-6-phase course specifically designed for wannabe personal brands and business owners. Get the secret sauce to YouTube success!

Do You Want To Be A Full-Time YouTuber?

Are You Ready To Grow Your Brand, Authority, & Income With YouTube?

YouTube Rockstars is a packed-full-6-phase course specifically designed for wannabe personal brands and business owners. Get the secret sauce to YouTube success!

I've always had main character energy...

But, literally NOBODY told me I could create a JOB, a BUSINESS, with that main character energy.

And, honestly, when I started on YouTube, I literally only saw it as a way to help my existing business.

BUT then it BECAME the business

You might be sitting there watching YouTubers and thinking, “Man, I want to do that” or you’ve been sitting with your finger on the (camera) shutter for years just waiting to pull the trigger.

Or maybe, you’re fed up with traditional marketing tactics for your existing brand and you’re ready to give YouTube a try.

This is why I created Youtube Rockstars.

It’s a no-BS system that will help you grow a channel that EITHER creates a business FOR you or grows your existing brand.

so you wanna be a youtuber...

YouTube Rockstars is PERFECT for you if you...

Want to be a YouTuber but you don't know where to start

Have started a channel but it's going nowhere really fast

Are ready to do something to grow your existing business

Want to create content that sells for you while you sleep and works for you 24/7



YouTube is going to drastically change the trajectory of your life, wait and see!

It changed the whole trajectory of my life! If you want to grow your business, stop worrying about where your next lead will come from, and make more money, you can do it with the help of YouTube.

After spending the last 6 years figuring out this YouTube thing and growing my channel to more than 160,000 subscribers, I know a thing or two about YouTube strategy.

I know firsthand the power that YouTube has to change your life and business, and I want you to have a piece of that pie too! If you’re dreaming about what it might be like to be a content creator, or looking for a platform to actually grow your bottom line, YouTube is the place. And YouTube Rockstars will get ya there!

Jessica Stansberry, you are the BOMB!!!!! I posted my Tuesday video yesterday at 2:00 pm like always and it was doing good when I went to bed 160 views or so and then I woke up and have over 700 views and 20 new subs! So excited. This is only the 2nd video that this has happened out of 64 videos. I am going to hit my goal of 1000 subs by end of the month! This video is blowing up. How exciting this is! I love the confetti on the dashboard! YouTube is fun when you start winning! Onward!

myra oliver, youtube rockstars student

get ready to do the thing

Say Hello To...

YouTube Rockstars

YouTube Rockstars is a packed-full-6-phase course specifically designed for wannabe personal brands and business owners. You’ll learn the secret sauce behind YouTube success, including the secret key to the techy parts (editing, uploading, and more).

You'll Walk Through The 6 Phases:

walk away with:

phase 1 | the launch plan

How to launch or RE-launch your channel for success.

phase 2 | setting up for success

How to set up every.single.piece of your channel to optimize it for success.

walk away with:

walk away with:

phase 3 | filming

Lighting, audio, video, scripting, OH MY!

phase 4 | optimization

The literal secret sauce to getting found on YouTube and getting YOUR channel found.

walk away with:

walk away with:

phase 5 | maintenance + growth

Top-secret strategies to grow beyond the launch.

Phase 6 | Choose Your Own Adventure And Make Money!

Here you’ll pick whether you want to go down the creator path OR the business owner path to make money from your channel. It’s totally up to you!

walk away with:

you're about to be amazing

Pam LOVED YouTube Rockstars!

Go with me here...

You check your email and it’s FULL of sales receipts, requests for YOU to be a guest on someone’s podcast, fan mail, brands wanting to work with you, and even companies wanting to have YOU as a speaker at their conference or event.

Not only that, but more and more people know who you are and know exactly how you can help them.

So, your bottom line is growing like crazy, you’re filling webinars with record attendees, and viewers are begging you to help them; sponsors are approaching you and your Amazon affiliate account is actually making money.

Money is literally falling in your lap because as you put out videos, more and more people find you, even while you’re sleeping – AND – even when the videos are a few years old.

Oh, And You Get Some Pretty-Freakin-Epic Bonuses!

CASE STUDIES: MY JOURNEY TO $100K & how i made $30k from 2 videos

Wanna see what it looks like to grow and make moolah on YouTube? I've got you covered! Here's a breakdown of exactly how I hit 100k and what you can learn from it to grow your own channel, and all the deets on how I made $30,000 from 2 YouTube videos (WITHOUT ADSENSE)!


training: creator bonus pack

If being a full-time creator sounds like your jam, this bonus was MADE for you! You're getting a bonus pack chock full of trainings on things all creators needs to know - lie how to navigate sponsorships, a fast track to monetization, affiliates 101 and more!


town hall: what's working on youtube right now

Stay up-to-date with the YouTube strategies I'm seeing work on YouTube RIGHT NOW with free access to this town hall conversation! I'll be live at 1 PM EDT on November 15, and you'll get a free ticket with your purchase of YouTube Rockstars.


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