Crash is here to take you to the NEXT LEVEL as a creator!

Let's take a look at what's inside...

Strategy by Platform

I know not everyone wants to be on YouTube... So we're talking through strategy for those of you who want to be on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Podcasts, etc. There's something for everyone here!


Listen, being a creator is a fun job... but we all need to make a living. So we're talking through digital products, affiliate marketing, and brand deals to help you learn how to make $$$ as a full-time creator!


I'm here to take all the guesswork and stress away from things like editing, how to use third party tools, etc so you can spend more time doing what you do best! Trust me, you'll thank me later!

Template Library

What if I told you I could make your life just a bit easier? I totally can with my new template library. Gain access to my templates ranging from ClickUp, digital products, sales page copy, and more!

The Group Chat

As a creator, no one understand creator life like other creators. The Group Chat is a community JUST FOR US to ask questions, celebrate wins, strategize together, and to hang out with other creators!


If we’re just meeting, ‘sup, I’m Jessica (you can call me Jess, Jessie, J, Stansberry, I legit don’t care, ha) and I have been creating content since 2015.

And guess what? Being a creator has changed my freakin' life.

I started out on YouTube and went from 0 - 10,000 subscribers in the first real year on the platform and haven't slowed down since, with over 200,000 subscribers!

I've helped HUNDREDS of students and clients get started creating and GROW like woah and I want to help YOU do the same thing. You don’t wanna miss this – so let's get started!

But, where do you even start?

Don't worry, we are going all the way from start to monetization!

Here's what we're gonna do: we're creating a creator hub and giving you all the information to become a FULL-TIME creator, with a FULL-TIME income. We're talking you through strategy no matter what platform you're on, helping you with the techy aspects, teaching you how to monetize (again, no matter what platform you're one), offering your access to my template library and giving your access to a community of creators JUST LIKE YOU!

Sounds awesome doesn't it? I thought so!

After talking to & coaching thousands of creators who *want* to grow to be full-time creators...

The real thing that holds them ALL back is confusion.

With a full library of learnin's, a template library, and LIVE accountability to keep you motivated, Crash will have you making money and more dedicated to being a creator TODAY!

You don't need:

  • to be super techy

  • to have it all figured out

  • a huge following

You just need to know that you want to be a full-tome creator!

I'm going to teach you everything else!


  • Exclusive first-dibs on new releases

  • Access to the library of learnin's

  • Access to the template library

  • Access to the group chat

  • Secret podcast access

  • Access to exclusive content & bonuses

  • Go PRO and get access to:

    • content feedback from me

    • 1x/month group coaching calls


Wait, what's included?

When you join Crash, you get access to HOURS of content (mini courses, workshops, trainings, etc), access to my exclusive community, access to creator interviews, exclusive first-dibs on new releases, and access to the template library!

Want more??

Join Crash Pro and get access to 1x/monthly group coaching calls with me AND the ability to submit your content for feedback from me!

I'm a new creator... will this work for me?

1000% YES! Crash was created for those who want to be a full-time creator and haven't started yet, the creators who have a small following but want to go full-time, and the seasoned creators who want to refine their offers, make more money, etc! Crash is perfect for ALL creators, no matter the platform.

Can I change membership tiers?

Of course! Log into your account and click on your initials on the top right hand corner. Then select dashboard & purchases, you’ll then be able to change your subscription tier.

Can I cancel any time?

Absolutely! But we don't think you will want to.

You can update your subscription via your dashboard, located under your initials on the top right hand corner of the members portal.