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tired of trading dollars for hours?

Learn how to create & launch a course NOW with Coursecademy®!

I bundled up #allthethings you need to know to create, launch, and sell a course SUCCESSFULLY even if you’re starting from scratch.

Tired of Trading Dollars for Hours?

Learn How To Create & Launch A Course NOW With Coursecademy®!

I bundled up #allthethings you need to know to create, launch, and sell a course SUCCESSFULLY even if you’re starting from scratch.

Calling all burned-out business owners!

As a service-provider, coach, or small biz owner, have you ever wished you could make money in your sleep and stop trading doll-hairs for hours?

You've probably seen businesses go from overworked and underpaid to massive launches with an online course and thought, "Man, I want to do that!"

You've bought courses, you've loved courses, and you want to create one of your own!

so you want to create a course...

...But you don't know where to get started?!?

I talk to business owners everyday

who want to package up their awesome knowledge and sell it in a course, but...

They're confused by the tech. Tech is hard and when you’re trying to do something new and different, not knowing where to start from a technical aspect can be paralyzing.

They're afraid it won't be valuable. So many business owners worry that their students won’t get results!

They don't think they have the audience. Selling something like a course requires an audience who wants to buy it and a lot of people just don’t think they’re there yet.



Imma bust all those myths for you and show you how to hit the easy button on course creation and launching.

After talking to and coaching thousands of business owners who *want* to create an online course, the fact that they don't do it always comes down to ONE thing...


All the moving pieces of building a course and being successful are daunting, so daunting, that a lot of people never even get started.

I'm about to completely erase that overwhelm from your brain though, so buckle up baby.

"I've taken courses on how to build courses... and this one is BY FAR the best and I'm still only on Module One! I can't wait to implement all the things and make my first successful course!

angel swon, coursecademy® student

get ready to up your passive income game with online courses

Now introducing...


Jessica Stansberry's Coursecademy® is a comprehensive course to teach you everything you need to know to create, launch, and sell your first successful online course.

What's included in Coursecademy®?


Module 1 | the basics

Learn how to hone in on your idea and widdle it to perfection, how to determine the exact right person to sell to and how to use the customer journey to position your course in an irresistible way.

walk away with:

Learn the dos and don'ts of course creation and planning

Find your ideal client

Define your customer journey

Pick the right positioning for your course to actually make sales!


module 2 | the nitty gritty

Name it, price it, and research it so it’s the BEST POSSIBLE course for your ideal customer.

walk away with:

Learn how to conduct market research for your course

Learn what "market research" tactics to AVOID

Determine the right price for your course

Find the PERFECT name for your course (and how to tell when the name is the wrong one)


module 3 | audience building

You DO NOT have to have an audience yet, in this module I’m teaching you how to attract the right audience, and how much of an audience you actually need (it’s not as much as you think).

walk away with:

Learn how many people you actually need in your audience to launch

Pick the audience-building strategy that's the best fit for you

Learn WHO you should attract to your audience

Use proven ways to make MOOLAH while you build your audience