Systems for Your Biz

a mini-course by Hey Jessica

You’ve started this business (or you’re wanting to) but you just don’t understand how you’re going to do #allthethings that you need to do. 

“How will I handle social media? What about email marketing and email? How in the world will I make this easier so I don’t feel like I’m working 24/7?!?”

Systems baby, that’s how!

Systems help the solopreneur (and even the ‘preneur with team members) get processes streamlined so that they can spend more time working on the things only they can do and less time working on things a system can do.

In this mini-course you get:

1.5 hours of video content to help you walk through why you need systems and how to set-up and use some of the most popular ones.
Includes Zapier, Google Docs, Gmail, Trello and way more.

In the time it took you to watch 1/2 of a Gilmore Girls Reunion episode, you can have a firm grasp on how to
set-up and use some really awesome systems in your business so you can stop doing admin work and start doing work that makes you money.

There are courses on Gmail and Trello and Systems that cost hundreds of dollars but you get this comprehensive course for just…


See how these systems can work for your business with overviews of the system and general how-to’s for operation…


Learn how to use Zapier to tie programs together to cut out time and automate #allthethings

Google Docs

Gone are the days of microsoft office (sorry)…learn how to use Google Docs to make your business life EASIER.

Social Media Schedulers

Don’t post it yourself – schedule it out.


A client management system to help you streamline your client onboarding, working and offboarding processes.

Your Website!

Your website can act as a system within itself…learn how.


See the many ways you can use Trello to organize your ideas, your workflows and even your team.

Email Marketing

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT just have a group of people you email from a contact list in Gmail. Learn how email marketing can make life easier no matter which system you use.


Are you more of a linear thinker and Trello just isn’t for you? See how you can use Asana to organize your business life.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage (Dropbox or Google Drive, etc) is where it’s at for the online/mobile business owner. See how you can use it too.

Call Schedulers

Stop going back and forth with potential clients or biz buddies to schedule calls; create a scheduling link and let it work for you!

Get a comprehensive overview and AWESOME tutorial on…


Learn how to use Gmail for your business in a way that makes sense,
saves you time and keeps everything in one place.
The Gmail unit is HUGE in this course.