your guide to creating, selling & marketing digital products

You’ve heard (or read) some really big hitters in the business world talking about passive income and selling digital products and you know there’s got to be a way to make more money without adding more hustle to your day.

You’re up to your eyeballs in client work, product development or order fulfillment and you can’t possibly take on more work but you want to increase your income.

there has to be an easier way!

You just woke up from a full-night’s sleep to alerts on your phone that you made money while you were dreaming and you don’t have to do ANYTHING to follow-through on the sale because, well, you have all of your ducks in a row and you were selling digital products.

Your income has increased and you’ve actually been able to step back a little bit and not work so hard and it.feels.amazing.

Digi Product School can get you there. Pinky promise.

Learn how to create, sell & market digital products within your business (hint: every business can sell digital products) to make more money, hustle less and take your business to the next level.

While class is in session, you’ll learn:

  • How your business (and every business) can utilize and create digital products.
  • HOW to create them with real-time run-throughs of creating PDFs (workbooks, printables, etc), program templates and more.
  • The technical part of making the sale actually work so that you can set it and forget it.
  • Bonus: How to market your new digital products so that you don’t launch to crickets.
  • SUPER BONUS: Access to the Learn WooCommerce course!

We talk through the use, creation, sale & marketing of:

  • Ebooks
  • Workbooks
  • Printables
  • Program templates (want to sell Photoshop templates or create a sellable spreadsheet?)
  • eGuides

Note: This course does not cover courses because they’re a horse of a different color and I couldn’t fit it into this training. You can find a training for that here though.

This course includes a comprehensive unit on Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. No other Adobe programs are included in this training.

With over 20 video lessons and in-depth text notes, you can take this course and be ready to create and sell in a matter of days (or hours if you’re that motivated).

Your investment for this is seriously only


That means that you only have to sell ten $10 digital products to make that up.

On-webinar BONUS!

This bonus go away as soon as the workshop is over…

  • a customized sales funnel (standard copy included) for your launch AND evergreen selling of your digital product.
    • Outline of funnel(s)
    • Trello Board w/content + outline so it can easily be copy & pasted in your email marketing program.
    • Standard Copy. I am not a copywriter so you will need to tweak the funnel based on your brand voice and messaging.

I transformed my business in 2016 by selling courses and I know YOU can transform yours with digital products. Not only did I launch several digital products but I also replaced my 1:1 design income, mastered marketing these things and contributed to my family’s debt and future plans significantly.

There is so much room for every business to create digital products and ½ of them don’t even realize it.

You’re here ready to learn about creating digital products so you’re one step ahead of the game…woohoo!



Here’s the thing, I believe in my products and I KNOW you’ll get all kinds of value from it but, if you don’t, you can get your money back within 30 days. All you have to do is prove that you tried the methods inside of the course (kinda of like the “show your work” process in grade school) and your money will be back in your account before you can say “fartfignewtin”.


Did I just read your mind?! I know, I know, it really is amazing, thanks for saying so.

You are sitting there all like, “Ok Jess, this is great and all but I don’t even know what the heck I would sell”.

And I’m sitting over here like, “1st, EVERY business can use digital products – I can’t even think of one single example of a business who couldn’t and 2nd, when you buy in time to grab the bonuses you get access to me via live chat to brainstorm, gather ideas and ask me (and your peers and possible target audience) what you should sell!”.

need an example?

Alright, so let’s say you’re a horse trainer. Yup, a horse trainer. You’re wondering how in the world you’re going to make passive income and still attract your ideal client. Well, how about selling an eGuide on “What you need to do before hiring a horse trainer” or a”DIY guide on training your horse”. See? EVERY.SINGLE.BUSINESS. can use digi products.


You’re just a smidge over the “beginning” level of your business and you want to know “what’s next, how do I up-level?”

You are thinking about ways to create the passive income that you’ve heard so much about.

Perfect for both SERVICE & PRODUCT BASED businesses!

You’re finding it hard to keep growing because you’re buried in work, unable to hire more help because of the lack of funds but unsure of how you’ll ever get out of the cycle.

Are any of those you?

Whew, that cha-ching that comes from your phone in the middle of the night, while you’re at the park with your kids, getting your hair did or even going to the potty (hey, er’body does it) that screams, “YOU MADE A SALE”, will be the most awesome music to your ears because after going through Digi Product School you’ll know you’ve done it right.

So, just smile and continue doing whatever you were doing because you know that you’ve made money, the customer has their products and they’re being well taken care of…all automatically.

How rude of me?!

This “online world” sometimes feels so small so I made the assumption that you just knew who I was this whole time – goodness gracious.

I’m Jessica Stansberry and I am a course-creating, digital-product-selling, small business tech and marketing guru who only wishes that all of these awesome courses were around when I started my business in 2010 as a web designer.

As always I love you and your advice!

– Alicia Bauer | Ally B Designs

When will I get access to the course?

Immediately after purchase!

How long will I have access to the course?

Fo’ life yo!

When will I get my sales funnel (bonus)?

Inside of your course you will be given access to the form you need to fill out to get your funnel created. All funnels will be delivered by 5/15.

have more questions? Hit yo’ girl up!