your guide to creating, selling & marketing digital products

You want to put your best business foot forward so you know you need an amazing website but you’re just not ready to start shopping for custom web designers yet.

Or, maybe you just really want to know how your site works so that if something breaks YOU can fix it.

You may also be sitting there with your head spinning not knowing
whether to go with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, WHATEVER #somanyoptions.



Guess what? It’s totally possible to have the site of your dreams overnight and have it built RIGHT (aka, on WordPress) and it can feel EASY.

You’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it earlier!


You want a website you can be proud of!

THIS COURSE will get you those results and it’s really easy.

I take you step-by-step through the process of building your new site with videos and printable text notes.

While class
is in session,
you’ll learn:

  • How to purchase your domain, hosting, etc.
  • How to install WordPress.
  • How to work WordPress and make it work for you.
  • How to determine whether you want to go with a standard WordPress theme or Divi/page builder options.
  • Exactly how to customize your site and make it like YOU want it with BOTH Divi Builder & Theme options.
  • How to backup your site and make sure you don’t lose anything…ever.
  • How to create images for your site and use custom fonts.
  • A brief overview to help you rock SEO.
  • BONUS: You will learn how to build sales pages using themes or Divi.


9 modules PACKED full of knowledge will help you get your website built and up-and-running super fast.

You also get an EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group where you can bounce ideas, get feedback and ask me questions directly.

What can you expect to invest for this box of knowledge?!

DIY Your Website this weekend.


only $297…that’s a serious steal for this amazing content…promise.

Need to DIY your eCommerce shop?


This gets you the DIY Your Website course AND the Learn WooCommerce course so you can have a website that sells, built right and built fast.

Love letters

Thank you for your amazing course, I would still be googling tutorials without it!

-Sarah Rebecca | The Lovely Locale

I can’t even tell you how good it feels to know that my website is finally DONE.  Jessica walks you through the entire process and makes everything totally do-able.  I now have a fully functional, ass-kicking, money-making website that I am so proud of!  It’s a pretty cool feeling to know that ‘I got this’ – not only for maintenance, but if I want to shake things up from time-to-time, I got that too!  What’s the best part? I have total peace of mind knowing that it’s done RIGHT.  Word.  Thanks, Jessica!

-Mae |

I am working on customizing and graphics today. I know NOTHING

about techs stuff, but Jessica you’ve made this so simple and easy to follow! I actually sat here and was able to figure out how to make an image on the home page link to a page detailing the services of that package!! That is something really simple I’m sure but I’m ecstatic! I don’t have a business name, logo, or really anything at this point so I’m just playing around with image sizes and colors.




I KNOW you’ll get value from this course…like, it’s SOOOO packed full of content and information so, because I’m so sure of myself, I’m going to offer you a 30 day money back guarantee! So, if you don’t like the course and you can prove that you completed the course and implemented the techniques and STILL didn’t find it valuable – I’ll throw your money right back at ya and not even be mad at it (or you).

Let me hop into your mind for just a second, k?

You’re sitting there thinking
“I am already so busy growing this business, I don’t know how I’ll have time to take a course and make my own website.”


Hit the nail on the head, right?

Coming from someone who built their first WordPress website from scratch 6 years ago and knowing how long it took me to find tutorials and videos and figure things out on my own, this will be a walk in the park! I walk you through every second of creating your website so there’s no wasted time spent, only the time to take action and get the site up and running. You’ll be able to drag-and-drop to the site of your dreams in no time.

your website is your most valuable employee and investing in
it means investing in the future of your business.


is for you if…

the beginning entrepreneur who needs a good website but doesn’t have the budget for custom.


You have your course topic picked out and you’re ready to start creating but you’re stuck in the process.

You’re a  SERVICE or PRODUCT BASED businesses!

You’re finding it hard to keep growing because you’re buried in work, unable to hire more help because of the lack of funds but unsure of how you’ll ever get out of the cycle.

Are any of those you?


watch me build a homepage in 30 seconds.

How rude of me?!

This “online world” sometimes feels so small so I made the assumption that you just knew who I was this whole time – goodness gracious.

I’m Jessica Stansberry and I am a course-creating, digital-product-selling, small business tech and marketing guru who only wishes that all of these awesome courses were around when I started my business in 2010 as a web designer.

When will I get access to the course?

Immediately after purchase!

How long will I have access to the course?

Fo’ life yo!

What do I need to do before starting this course?

NOTHING! This course walks you through it all and I’d HIGHLY advise not doing anything until you start the course.

How long will the course take me?

There is A LOT of content, I can’t negate that but that’s also why it’s a premium course. If you were feeling frisky, you could probably get it all done in a weekend…if not, well, then take it at your own pace!

have more questions? Hit yo’ girl up!