That much you know for sure.

But what’s the best, most strategic way to create a
budget-friendly website that doesn’t look like a template?

And how do you make sure that your website is clear enough to
your target audience that they
want to work with you?

How awesome would it be to have a
brand new website next week?

Yes, next week!

We want to whip you out of overwhelm and perfectionism and help you create a solid, strategic website that is actually helping you attract more clients + customers in 7 days.

We understand that this sounds like a daunting task…

When creating a website for your business, you have to consider two things:

Copywriting and Design.


  • You want new readers to understand what you do within 3 seconds of landing on your site.

  • You know you need a “sales funnel” but you’re not sure how to put that into action on your website.

  • You want your personality to shine through but you worry that your writing is to “academic” and you want to know how to write copy that excites people.


  • You’re terrified of choosing the wrong template or theme for your website. How do you know which one is going to work?!

  • You want your website to look like YOUR brand, not like everyone else’s. But what do you do if you don’t have web design skills?

  • You want to have full control of your website, but you don’t have a tech background and this gives you website nightmares.

Together, we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with their websites.



Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to write their own copy for their businesses. I’ve worked with brand new entrepreneurs to million dollar businesses and everything in between. It doesn’t matter where your business is at — the basic principles of copywriting that I teach will work for you as long as you’re in business

Since 2010, I’ve built one-of-a-kind website that convert and now I teach business owners how to build their own sites that do just the same. I help beginning online entrepreneurs figure out all the techy stuff that comes with running their new (or newly focused on) business. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to business or you’re ready to up-level and from hobby to biz, I’ve got your back!

To make your website creating life a kajillion times easier, we’ve teamed up to give you everything you need to create your website.

For a limited time you can get our core website copywriting
and design programs at a special price:

The TKO Copywriting Bootcamp (Value $299)

Once per year (or less) I offer this live bootcamp experience to help you write all of the copy for your website. The next round of the bootcamp will be in the summer of 2017, but you can get access now in this bundle for $100 off!

Here’s what’s included in the TKO Copywriting Bootcamp:

PHASE #1 – Before You Write a Word Starter Pack

Worksheets and cheat sheets to QUICKLY get clear on your target client, clarify your Marketing Machine, and get a better writing process.

PHASE #2 – Your About Page

Get clear about the benefits of your business, pull out your business’ story, and plug it all into an action-packed About Page that will get new readers excited about your business!

PHASE #3 – Your Work With Me Page

How do you tell people about your services in a way that makes them want to say yes? What information do you need to give? What order do you put it all in? In this section you will learn the 8 secrets of sell-out services, get my “Catchy Sales Page Headline” cheat sheet, overcome common objections (besides the money!), and finally build your work with me page.

PHASE #4 – Your Email Marketing

Get templates for the 6 emails you should be sending every new subscriber to turn them into a raving fan! You’ll also get a collection subject lines that work best and The 8 Rules of Email cheat sheet.

In total you get:

13 Worksheets + Cheat Sheets

The easy-to-digest worksheets get you writing copy as quickly as possible without any distractions.

One Week Email Bootcamp

March 13-17 you will get at least one email per day to walk you through the bootcamp.

Access to the LIVE Summer Rebranded Bootcamp

We’ll be running this bootcamp live in the summer at the full price, but you can save money by saving your spot now. PLUS you get access to all of the worksheets right now.

Then, once you’ve written your copy,
it’s time to create your website!

DIY Your Website with WordPress (Value $299)

Here’s what you’ll learn in DIY Your Website with WordPress:

Phase 1: The basics
Learn how to buy your domain, your hosting and install WordPress.

Phase 2: Learn to navigate WordPress
Some people think that WordPress is scary, it’s not, you just need to know what you’re doing – so that’s where phase 2 comes in.

Phase 3: Pick Your Path
You have options with WordPress; do you want to use a standard theme/child theme to design your site or do you want to use a page builder like Divi? We discuss the options and you get to pick your path.

Phase 4: Customize your site 
Use your theme or page builder to customize your theme to your exact likings and to fit your brand and sparkly new copy.

Phase 5: Figure it out
Learn how to use custom fonts and create graphics for your website.

Phase 6: Back it up baby
I’ll teach you 1-on-1 how to back-up your site so that no matter what happens, your site is safe.

Bonuses: Optimize & Sell
Brush up on how to use WordPress to get on the first page of Google AND learn how to design sales pages no matter which path you pick in phase 3.

In total you get:

9 modules packed full of worksheets, text notes and video lessons

Free Facebook group to access ME and DIY Your Website Alumni with questions and feedback.

The cost to enroll in these programs individually is $598

Save $199 when you enroll through this limited time bundle.

This bundle expires in:








Are You sitting there thinking “I am already so busy growing this business, I don’t know how I’ll have time to take a course and make my own website”?

We knew it! Here’s what we want you to know:

Coming from someone who built their first WordPress website from scratch 6 years ago and knowing how long it took me to find tutorials and videos and figure things out on my own, this will be a walk in the park!

In these programs we I walk you through every second of creating your website so there’s no wasted time spent, only the time to take action and get the site up and running. You’ll be able to drag-and-drop to the site of your dreams in no time.

Your website is your most valuable employee and investing in it means investing in the future of your business. #truthbomb

Block out a week to work and we know you’ll amaze yourself with what you can create!

Of course, you’ll get lifetime access to our programs so you don’t have to create your website in a week — but you totally can.

There’s nothing inherently special about us that makes us better at business, copywriting, or website creation than you. We’ve simply given up on perfectionism and focus on getting good at what works.

The question is: What are you waiting for?

How much longer are you going to tinker around in website purgatory before doing something about it?

How much longer do you honestly want to wait to have a website you’re proud of?

This bundle expires in:








Answers to your questions!

When do I get access to my materials?

You will get instant access to all materials. Specifically, you will get an email from each of us separately shortly after you pay your tuition. Each of our programs are housed on separate membership sites.

What’s the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this offer we cannot issue refunds. No exceptions. Please make sure that you are ready to dive into the materials before purchasing.

What if I already have a website?

This bundle is a great fit for any online entrepreneur who wants to DIY their website copy and design.

Do you like your current website? Do you want to create a new one yourself? Are you proud to share your website with people? Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you’re at in business! As long as you’re about ready to shred your website to pieces and create a MUCH more powerful one, this bundle is for you.

What if I have more questions?

Please email