You have ConvertKit but you’re sitting there all like,

“ Becky, these emails are so ugly!”

Am I right?! Yup, I know I am because I was you; I moarned about the fact that I’d “lost my pretty emails forever” and was really sad that I couldn’t make them look, at least, a little better.

But, guess what, I wasn’t sad long because there IS a way to make them look prettier and I’m going to teach you how.


You get:

  • 45 minutes of video tutorials
  • A cheatsheet w/code you can copy and paste to change elements of your template
  • A cheatsheet guide to help you remember what each piece of code actually does
  • An actual email template to work off of that looks pretty to begin with so you can just change the colors and GO

Completely transform the emails that land in your audience’s inbox


Get support in my Free Facebook group. If you get stuck, holler at me in there and we’ll get you all fixed up.

This is lesson inside of the ConvertKit Mastery eCourse so if you need more ConvertKit TLC, you might want to check that out.