your guide to creating, selling & marketing digital products

“Create a course, they say. It’s an easy way to make more money”, they say.


You hear (or read) these statements and you’re left thinking:

Um, ok, I hear ya but I don’t even know the first place to start! What camera equipment do I need? How do I record my screen? How do I actually sell it? What is my course even going to be about?!?



It’s all so overwhelming!

it totally doesn’t have to be overwhelming though!

What if I told you that there was a way you could have ALL THE ANSWERS to
#allthequestions and you could feel GOOD about creating your first course,
knowing exactly what steps to take and how to do them.


Jessica…that would be freakin’ amazing!

That’s where Crash Course comes in...

Crash Course is your crash course on creating a course
(because saying course 5,000 times in one sentence is totally acceptable).

While class
is in session,
you’ll learn:

  • How to decide on what your course should be.
  • Laying out your course.
  • Setting up your course process.
  • HOW to create the course.
    • Video equipment
    • Video editing
    • Creation of workbook(s)/text notes
    • Overview of several different platforms (WordPress options, Thinkific, etc) including “bootlegging” your course if you don’t have any money to spend.
  • How to create & connect your sales page
    to the course “buy now” page.
  • Connecting your course with your
    email marketing system.
  • Up-selling or using your course to lead to
    other course sales.
  • Beginner marketing via Facebook ads and other marketing
  • How to create a launch plan.
    • FREE Trello board for your launch plan!
  • SUPER BONUS: Access to the Learn WooCommerce course!


With over 15 video lessons and in-depth text notes, you can take this course and be ready to create and sell your first course in a matter of days (create it in a weekend, if you want).

Your investment for this is seriously only


2.9.7 yo.

That means that you only have to sell six (6) $49 courses to make that up.

Bonuses if you buy NOW!


  • A FREE MONTH of Thinkific (if you decide to go that route…but you have options).

I have taken jessica’s DIY website course and was blown away by the content…and how she broke every single step down. this chic knows how to convey techy information in a way that makes the consumer/student walk away with all questions answered. you can tell she took her time coming up with the content and her delivery is engaging and actually makes tech fun! (didn’t think that could happen!)

– Natalie Gingrich

I transformed my business in 2016 by selling courses and I know YOU can transform yours with them too. Not only did I launch several digital products but I also replaced my 1:1 design income, mastered marketing these things and contributed to my family’s debt and future plans significantly.

There is so much room for every business to create an amazing course and ½ of them don’t even realize it.

You’re here ready to learn about creating course creation so you’re one step ahead of the game…woohoo!



I KNOW you’ll get value from this course…like, it’s SOOOO packed full of content and information so, because I’m so sure of myself, I’m going to offer you a 30 day money back guarantee! So, if you don’t like the course and you can prove that you completed the course and implemented the techniques and STILL didn’t find it valuable – I’ll throw your money right back at ya and not even be mad at it (or you).



Did I just read your mind?! I know, I know, it really is amazing, thanks for saying so.

You are sitting there all like,

Ok Jess, this is great and all and I know I need to know this AND I’m wanting to create a course BUT I don’t even know what my course should be about and I feel like I should know that before I take this”.

And I’m sitting over here like,

First, that’s totally normal girl – I get it. Second, the FIRST module of the course will help you walk through picking the topic for your course if you’re still not super sure there”.


EVERY business can create a course – – you may just have to use my brain inside the course to think through it with you.

is for you if…

You KNOW you want to create a
course but you’re confused…so.very.confused. You don’t know WHAT to create a course about, you don’t know HOW to create a course and you get overwhelmed just thinking about it.

You have your course topic picked out and you’re ready to start creating but you’re stuck in the process.

You’re a  SERVICE or PRODUCT BASED businesses!

You’re finding it hard to keep growing because you’re buried in work, unable to hire more help because of the lack of funds but unsure of how you’ll ever get out of the cycle.

Are any of those you?

Whew, that cha-ching that comes from your phone in the middle of the night, while you’re at the park with your kids, getting your hair did or even going to the potty (hey, er’body does it) that screams, “YOU MADE A SALE”, will be the most awesome music to your ears because after going through Crash Course you’ll know you’ve done it right.

So, just smile and continue doing whatever you were doing because you know that you’ve made money, the customer has their course and they’re being well taken care of…all automatically.

How rude of me?!

This “online world” sometimes feels so small so I made the assumption that you just knew who I was this whole time – goodness gracious.

I’m Jessica Stansberry and I am a course-creating, digital-product-selling, small business tech and marketing guru who only wishes that all of these awesome courses were around when I started my business in 2010 as a web designer.

As always I love you and your advice!

– Alicia Bauer | Ally B Designs

I’ve taken several of Jessica’s courses and her video and content are always top quality! Her systems are very user friendly and there is always a good flow from start to finish.

– Maegen Conners | CFP

When will I get access to the course?

Immediately after purchase!

How long will I have access to the course?

Fo’ life yo!

When do I get access to the bonuses?


How long will the course take me?

There is A LOT of content, I can’t negate that but that’s also why it’s a premium course. If you were feeling frisky, you could probably get it all done in a weekend…if not, well, then take it at your own pace!

have more questions? Hit yo’ girl up!