Here at Hey Jessica, I teach courses that help you
conquer the techy parts of business so that you
save time, brain space and sanity.

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DIY Your Website (with WordPress)

People say WordPress is scary, but I think it’s a DIY-ers best friend. Start today and get your site up and running in a weekend.

Do you need to learn WooCommerce so that you can host your own eCommerce shop on WordPress? I’ve got your back for that too.

You’re trying to master email marketing

but you just can’t get a handle on your system? Well, good thing I’ve got courses for that too…

MailChimp Mastery

ConvertKit Mastery

You’ve got the idea for your next course (or, maybe you don’t) but you’re overwhelmed by the process you have to go through to actually create it and you have questions about #allthethings when it comes to the functional parts of creating a course.

Digital products can be confusing
whether you’re creating them for a
freebie or for sale. Learn how to
create them & how to sell them.

You’ve got the website (on WordPress) and you’re wanting to step-up your SEO game – Yoast is where it’s at and I’m teaching you how to work the system and get on the first page of Google FAST.